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OK, I have officially been weighed down by a  food conscience. What is a food conscience you may ask? Well its a burden really, its where you care where your food comes from, how it gets to you, and how  those furry critters your eating are treated(because even though I now have a conscience I still think bacon is tasty.)  It took a while for  me to realize how much I cared about food. I was in denial for a long time,  I have used every excuse in the book, too expensive, to bougie,  whole foods makes me want to murder people, etc… It eventually all caught up with me, what started as a leaning became  what I would call, if I didn’t have commitment issues, a moral imperative to switch the way I think and eat. I realized hey I like animals and I like farmers too. So now I am on a mission/journey  to move away from industrial agriculture.  But let me me tell you something,  making the switch  to eat more sustainable food is  fucking hard!! There  is so much information and so many obstacles, I found myself kind of confused on where to start and then I just felt kind of hopeless, so I procrastinated for another month. So after that month,finally  talked to myself and said just do what you can, this is similar to the advice  from an article from Nicolette Niman, “babysteps are ok, as long as they are in the right direction,” so that’s what I’m doing, walking in the right direction , by making small changes. I realize that I can’t or am not willing to do everything to some stringent sustainable standard, so the best I promised myself is to try. I hope that by sharing my experiences and  sifting through all the information I can encourage other people to do the same, take a baby step in the right direction, and it really is ok if you fall off the wagon, the ride goes in a loop anyway.

Let me tell you some background so you can better understand where I am starting:

-I live in a condo on a rooftop.

-I am 24 years old(well 24 tomorrow)

-I have one dog and one boyfriend to keep me company.

– I live in a fairly socially conscience college town in Virginia.

-I grew up gardening, but tend to be lazy.

My first steps(more on these later):

– I decided that even with a lack of actual yard, I would  grow a pots on the roof. I grew up gardening but  during and since college I have move every year right in the middle of vegetable season and as stated above, I can be lazy. This is the year that I could get a jump on the season, but its all new to me as I have no experience in roof top gardening and never done  a full season of vegetables by myself.

– I started incorporating local  produce into my kitchen, and started switching out  factory farm meat for  sustainably harvested meat. Surprisingly  my two person household is buying mostly local  grocery products for around $80/week.

And that’s where it starts.


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