Potted Potatoes!

March 21, 2010 Comments Off on Potted Potatoes!

Believe or not you can grow just about anything in a pot. Somethings even work better in pots because you can control conditions like moisture and soil type, and have plants that normally couldn’t just get along right next to each. There’s a great book called “Garden Anywhere” that gives you a nice overview of all the places and things you can garden in, it also has some great general gardening advice.  I garden in pots out of necessity, I’m also a little crazy, so this year I am not only trying to grow food potatoes for the first time, but I am trying to grow them in pots. I selected Red pontiac  potatoes because I read they did better in pots, I can’t remember from where so this may not even be true. So maybe  we should just call this an experiment.

First you start with whole potatoes, you should probably buy yours from a garden center, as the ones from the store have often been fucked with by pesticides and genetics and aren’t supposed to do very well for home harvesting.

Then  you cut them up, they are suppose to be about two inches, I think, but I am halves so this is as close as it is going to get.

You takes the cut up pieces , put about 6 inches  of soil in the bottom of your pot and stick them down in there. Ideally there should be  2 inches of soil on top of the wedges, but my pot is a little small and I am improvising, so  I guess I’ll just see what happens.Some people also recommend sprouting your potatoes first, again I am lazy so I just stuck mine in the soil.

ONce they are underground, you just need to water them. Keep them kind of moist until they sprout , and then you can lay off of the water. Once you have  about  6 inches leaves you can add more dirt. You can keep doing this until you reach the top of your pot and the plants start to die. I got a good tip that you can use old tires and just keep stacking them on top of each other. I haven’t actually gotten to this point, so I am just hoping they don’t rot. So here’s to the future potatoes  that will be delicious  in mouth.

Oh and the dog  helped:

So now my garden has grown to include potatoes , some yet to sprout carrot seedlings, and  an elephant ear plant named Raul(he’s in the big pot with his head sticking out on the right.)


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