Shaking the Rainy Day Blues

March 26, 2010 Comments Off on Shaking the Rainy Day Blues

The east coast has gotten a little bit of a slap in the face  as most of the  area is experiencing  a drop in temperature and rain. Now I’m under the impression that rain is really a gardener’s best friend, because water makes things grow  and is particularly awesome for those of us that hate lugging water out to our rooftop pots. However it’s still a day that can be a little depressing if it hits the right way , like say if you are having a 12 hour work  day. Never fear though because the season is right around the corner with all the green grass and cute dog lounging time(even if they aren’t yours) you could possibly  ever need. Here’s a preview.

If that didn’t cheer you up then you might not have a soul.

But here’s some other things you can try to be less rainy day depresso-ed

* Since the advent of the interwebs rainy days are a great days to go out and find out what other people are doing and find a little inspiration. There are a  lot of people out there with a lot of gardening mojo, and the great things is a lot of them write about it, like The folks at Far Out Flora live on the West Coast and take plenty of pictures of all the awesome things that can happen when it is warm and sunny.

* Just google or wiki Botanical Garden and drool over all the super awesome and sometimes exotic plant life and design. As a bonus you can be an uber dork and plan a road trip to go see a few in your area.

* Order lots of seed or gardening catalogs, so next time it rains you can plot out your next plant purchase, and hey if you planned by seeing it in a catalog   then it doesn’t count as impulsive, right? Anyway here’s cool local  seed catalog from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange in Louisa County, they have lots of vegetables and flowers and they are all non GMO and lots of them are heirlooms.


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