A Cost Comparison- Spinach

March 31, 2010 Comments Off on A Cost Comparison- Spinach

I don’t think it is any big secret that one of the many reasons people   choose not to eat  local/sustainable/organic is because it can be cost prohibitive and it is pretty bad that we as a  society don’t really make it possible for everyone at any socioeconomic level to eat  healthy foods. That said I think that for many other people cost is just a really big excuse, at least it was for me. So I now introduce the sexy and intriguing cost comparison series. I hope to explore the cost and “cost” of foods and share what I find, hopefully proving that eating better doesn’t have to come  with brutal violence to you pocket book. This week I will take a look at spinach, it’s in season in Virginia, even though my spinach on my roof is not doing so hot, and it is tasty. A lot of these links are local to Charlottesville , but if you look around you area you will  similar resources.

feast! Baby Spinach 1/2 lb(8 oz) : $4.25

Earthbound Farm Spinach – Organic Baby from Harris Teeter(5 oz): $3.99

Sno Pac Organic Cut Spinach, 10 oz from Foods of All Nations

Fresh Express Ready to Eat Spinach(9 oz.) from Harris Teeter: $2.99

Meadow Run Local Fresh Spinach,fresh  baby and large leaf mixed, 1/2 lb(8 oz) from Retail Relay: $1.99

Fresh Spinach(1 Bunch) from Harris Teeter: $1.99

Birds Eye Spinach -Frozen  Chopped(10 oz.) from Harris Teeter: $1.75

Winner for fresh spinach is: Meadow Run,  there isn’t a cost different between eating a local spinach and a one from the traditional grocery store.

Winner for frozen spinach: Birds Eye

Food For Thought:

In 2006 there was a pretty bad outbreak of E.coli in fresh spinach and it was determined that this was contamination from animal feces, now to be fair this can pretty much happen to any size farmer. However the benefit of buying spinach locally is that you can easily track in back to the source quickly, if you get sick from spinach from one farm, then you know it is that farm, and there is no need to do things like a preventative recall of ALL the spinach. Plus as with all local food you support a farmer. You can also grow your own, its a great thing to plant to get on the gardening wagon early in the seaon.


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