Know Thy Plant: Sedum Reflexum

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I didn’t do a lot of container gardening last year, I limited myself to just a few decorative pots in the yard, nothing as extensive as a  garden that is limited to pots. However I did learn a pretty useful thing last year and thats that the success of container gardens is entirely dependent on the gardener to do everything for them, this is because plants are selfish! In order to  limit stress and a sense of defeat you really have to know a little about you plants. Potted plants can be flexible in the sense that  you can have different types of plants growing in the same place, but don’t make the mistake for putting them in the same pot. Plants have 3 basic needs , light , water, and fertilizer, if you give them the right amount of these things you will be the king or queen of the garden, give them too much and you get to be the plant executioner. Last year I was excited to do my pots and planted things together with much regard for their needs, I learned the hard way and I was pretty upset when I killed at least one of everything in every pot because of my watering, not to mention how much money I wasted killing plants. So that’s why I introduce this series, that I will call “Know Thy Plant.” in an effort to learn and share what a plant actually needs to succeed. So know thy plants people and be a matchmaker, put plants together that need the same things or one of them will die(they don’t get the luxury of divorce.)

First up is : Sedum Reflexum (SR)

I decided to start adding more succulent into my rooftop garden, because while many don’t flower consistently or bear fruit, they add a lot of green and color. They are also super drought resistant and can handle heat and as you know my roof will be a second circle of hell in summer so if everything else dies then I will at least have these guys and they are pretty spiffy.

I’m just going to make these post simple as you can google SR and find anything you ever wanted to know, but you probably don’t need to know all those things and you will find  some pretty interesting results from a search on succulents, plus why spend more time  in interweb lala land than needed(seriously it took me like 5 google pages.) So here are its selling points:

-It is ground cover  but can most definitely be kept in pots,sometimes for the betterment of other plants, because it can take over.

-It likes sun, but is known to tolerate part shade. They can actually burn if it gets too hot hot. I’m not worrying too much about that because my garden will get a reprieve in the morning

-Plant in well drained soil, it can be moist but shouldn’t be wet. Water more in summer , less in fall and infrequently in winter.If you think you have killed it because you forgot to water it, try watering it still as there is a good chance it will come back up. You can also fertilize the soil, but make sure you use a succulent fertilizer or something that is nitrogen poor.

-It is deer resistant.

-It can winter over outside.

-You can propagate by taking a stem with  or without roots and  plant it in soil with top sticking out, just be sure to make sure t stay well watered for the first couple of weeks. This is actually how most succulents propagate.

Here it is being a good big brother plant by shading the broccoli which can’t tolerate the hot afternoon sun.


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