Cost Comparison: Hamburger

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Since I can’t get my act together and finish my post on my moral conscience and seeds, I figured it would  be a good time for another ever so chic and awesome cost comparison. I think meat is the biggest investment in eating sustainably, as it is markedly more expensive than  regular  meat that comes from a factory.  In addition to the price it is insanely hard to figure out what exactly is what it says it is, what is marketed to you,  and what is actually going to work for you. I went through some of the basic on meat that I have figured out  here, but I still have a lot of information to cycle through yet. Sooo today we are going to look at hamburger, because hamburger is pretty general , and I have yet to learn different cuts of meat and really can’t figure out which one is more valued  by  people, chime in if you have any insight.


Harris Teeter(Chain) Ground Beef 16oz:  $4.79, Price Per Serving(PPS) $1.20

Ground Sirloin Beef from Reids(Local Grocer) 1 Pound : $3.69, PPS $.92

Ground Beef – General from Reids 1 Pound: $ 2.29, PPS $.57

Ground Beef from Wolf Creek Farm, no antibiotics and  grass fed 1 pound:  $5.38, PPS $1.34

Ground Beef from Polyface Farm grass fed on a biodiverse farm 1 pound: $ 6.99, PPS $1.74

Price Winner: Reids regular ( factory) ground beef at  57 cents per  serving.

Food for Thought:

I wasn’t really surprised at the price difference between meats, the operating  cost for wolf creek and Polyface are much higher than a feedlot  if not just for the land their cows graze on, and are no doubt ultimately happier on. I was surprised about how close in price the Harris Teeter and Wolf Creek was, for 14 cents more a serving you could be eating meat that is  probably better for you, no its true grad fed beef can be lower in fat and have higher levels of CLA and omega fatty acids.

Another major issue that makes me eat sustainable meat is that I want the animal that I am eating to have been treated well throughout its  lifespan from birth to slaughterhouse. This is something that is really important to me, but not important enough to stop eating meat. Like all thing you have to decide if healthier food and ethical food outweigh the increased cost for your family, and if you have the resources to do it. A good suggestion if you want to start somewhere but  don’t have the money is simply by reducing  the amount of meat you first and then see what you can afford. You’ll notice that I included a per serving break down, which for meat is around 4 oz, and that’s what you should be eating at meals. We are very socialized to eat more and I noticed how small the 4 oz portion looked to me when I  started eating it, which I had to do, because I couldn’t afford to buy sustainable  meat and eat like a carnivore.  Now after diligently cutting my meat portion down, I don’t notice as much and I try to eat slower to savor things,  I can’t stress enough how better but less quality is the way to go.

Happy Hunting… I mean shopping!


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