Friday Garden Lust

April 16, 2010 Comments Off on Friday Garden Lust

This  Friday has been  dubbed garden lust day, so named because I wanted to share some lustful garden items.

I badly want a vertical garden somewhere in my house or outside. I haven’t figured out  the logistics t for actually doing it, but it is in the future. These awesome pictures are from  Flora Grubbs They even sell DYI trays for a vertical garden, but the are $100 and I am hoping I can do my own, all. by. myself.



I particularly love spring because it is a  time when everyone thinks they are a gardener, including artist  which creates cool garden inspired products. Just today I found   some really interesing garden themed  things in Etsy shops, not too mention today’s Etsy’s front page has a  cherry blossom theme AND a gardening theme, garden is so fashion. Click on the picture to go to the artist’s shop on Etsy.

If only my wrist were small enough to fit in such a thing, I would be super stylin’.

Jade Cuff Bracelet Asian Style  Cherry Blossoms

Who doesn’t need a bell jar  really, and it’s multi-purpose as  you can use these for little seedlings or cookies, and both of those things are quite delightful.

Tall Hand  Blown Glass Bell Jar

And lastly, I found these spoons,  I love anything that involves metal and rudimentary typewriter font. The seller also offered a purpose for them, marking your herbs. I’m sure your herbs would be the belle of the ball with these announcing their presence.

Vintage Silver Spoon Garden Markers- Set of Three- HAND STAMPED with herb names

Happy Friday!


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