Friday Garden Lust

April 23, 2010 Comments Off on Friday Garden Lust

I’m always surprised when I actually make to Friday because every Monday I have to have a long internal dialogue about why I should get up and go to work. But Friday is here again so let us commence with the lusting.

This week I found the really awesome glass shades from Schoolhouse Electric These shades are my favorite thing on the site but they have a ton of vintage looking lighting solutions that are pretty lust worthy themselves.


I walk by this $5 serving tray every time I am in Ikea, telling myself  “Jessica you don’t need one MORE $5 thing,” this only happens because the tray is always  at the end of my Ikea journey instead of the beginning. It has popped up in a couple places on the web this week and it reminded how much I actually like it. So lust with me after cheap Swedish wares.

I am limited with my gardening because everything  I plant has to be in a pot and tolerate full sun. So I can only dream of delicious Shitake mushrooms that I grow myself. Especially since I have not quite reached a point where I want to hide garden things in my closet.

Just this week I have  fallen in love with Foxglove, but I  already have too many seeds starting(that probably  shouldn’t be in pots) and  foxglove  grow a little too tall to grow safely in pots.



They have so much personality and  they have an added bonus of being a biennial. AND they look pretty fancy and dignified in vase. These are from a great design blog Design*Sponge. Who would be happy waking up to a vase full of these?

Happy Lusting!


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