Friday Garden Lust

May 7, 2010 Comments Off on Friday Garden Lust

WOW, this week has flown by with me managing to get very little work done, including all the posts I was going to write. Don’t despair I solemnly pledge to get them all done this weekend(OK maybe I will get distracted decorating my room, but I will definitely try.) Anyway it’s Friday and that means its time to celebrate that you made it through work at your big boy and big  girl  jobs  ALL week and it’s time to get a little lusting done

I  am super fortunate to live in a huge apartment that used to be an attic, we have these tension wires running across our ceiling to support the roof  when it expands or contracts with the weather. The wires have proved a great hanging place. So these Boskke sky planters have caught my eye, well a little more than that, I think I have moved beyond lusting and am actually having a love affair with them. In my mind I have already completely justified owning them and they will soon be on my to buy list. They can be a little pricey, but they do come in lots of different sizes and are definitely a conversation piece. And hey don’t you want to be cooler than all your friends, I know I do (sorry guys.) You can get yours from A + R .

I found Artecnica when my boyfriend’s mom went on vacation and  brought us back this super awesome light from their Starlightz collection.


Which led me to  this really really awesome hanging  garland light. I love it because sometimes I revert to my child self and want to be fairy, and if I was a fairy and  the light wouldn’t make me BBQ, this is where I would live. It’s actually metal  which makes it a little more worth the $75 price tag.

Birds may currently be the bane of my existence as they are eating the only  produce I have growing in my garden. But I still love this bird print from  Matte Stephens. I have been looking at buying some of prints of his  for a while, and I think once my walls are sufficiently painted green I will buy a few, provided I have already given into other consumerist whims and spent my money elsewhere as I have a habit of doing.

charlie bird print


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