The World is a Shitty Place, But At Least We Have Gardens

May 11, 2010 § 5 Comments

This post is going to be a little preachy, so let me just go ahead get behind the pulpit. I am usually not into public preachy but recent events  both nationally and in my hometown have reaffirmed for me that the world is a pretty shitty place, it’s true. And the incessant shittiness of the world and its people, with the help of the news  and marketers really wears on me. And I mean wears on me in a bad way. I know I  know I seem so well adjusted, right?  Don’t worry I am not making tin foil  hats just yet but recently after a long week of even more bad news I was walking to my car after work and walking in the opposite direction was a slightly disheveled older women talking to herself,  and I literally thought, that is the type of person that is just going to freak out and hurt someone for no reason and then I thought, that could be me right now!  So I walked  a little faster to my car,  to avoid any such potential fiasco, and I started worrying about the transient nature of life, which is never really a good conversation to have with yourself after a long day or when sober and  so I continued to be worried. But then I got home and  I looked at my garden and it was all ok. Not because I saw butterflies and rainbows  or even unicorns(I wish) and had some transcending  experience  but because the garden is a place where the world is not shitty, where water still makes flowers, where birds are still strawberry eating assholes, and a place that I create. Things aren’t so overwhelming there and that’s why its a good place for me, because I need that place so I can remind myself that  I will probably not get attacked by a crazy lady talking to herself outside a church and that I should remember to take off my tin foil hat before going out in public.

Why am I telling you this?  Because my vivid imagination(like above)  paired with a pension for anxiety makes situations much different in my head than in actual life sometimes, and this makes my attempt at eating local pretty difficult too. Not because I don’t have the resources to do it, that almost seems  to be the easy part. It’s  all the issues surrounding food and our food systems and whats WRONG with them.  Because eating local is connected to financial resources which is connected to socio economic class which is again associated with financial resources which is connected to poor nutrition and obesity which is connected to  crap school lunches which is connected to the heavy reliance on industrial agriculture which is connected to animal cruelty and they are all connected to ho we as a culture society and world value ourselves and the world we live in. And really how can I fix all this with buying food from a farmer? Well I can’t, and it’s overwhelming and I kind of want to say just fuck it. That’s why when I start to think about how many issues are involved in my choice to eat local and that maybe it doesn’t really matter because the world will still be a shitty place. I have to bring it the issue back to myself, just like coming home to a garden after  being threatened(OK imaginatory threatened)  by an old women,  I have to take this broad perspective and incorporate it into to my own life, which is something that I can control, while I can’t  control many of the systems that make the world not a better place, I can control my choice not to participate in them  and try to acknowledge that I am part of a larger group of people making different choices that will hopefully create different decisions. So really there is no reason to think that individual choices don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, because they matter to you, the individual. And if you think like that even when if you make small changes in how and what you eat and or do  it it is enough. And when you feel lost about a decision , even one that seems simple like what to eat, you just have to do a life meditation, look to yourself, and then just move on.


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§ 5 Responses to The World is a Shitty Place, But At Least We Have Gardens

  • Brandon says:

    fuck yeah! fuck you, cruel world, and your strawberry-eating asshole birds – even if some of you are kind of cool sometimes, when you’re not busy crapping all over the place.

  • Jen says:

    The events in our small town last week left me horrified and reeling. As I did on September 11, 2001, I went out into my garden and just found solace in the dirt.

    I’m pretty committed to my garden, but I actually had a crisis of faith about it last week and it lingers to this week. Questions like, “Why am I doing this when it’s so much easier to just go to Kroger and shop there?” I finally sorted myself out, but it really shook me.

    For me, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and work on changing the world one small act at a time.

    • Who knew that gardening and eating actually required a mantra?! I never really thought that I would have to be giving myself pep talks in the garden(sometimes about things that aren’t garden related.) But it’s hard operating in a system that wasn’t created to serve your needs, but make you buy more for cheap. There are definitely nights where I come home tired from work and am thankful that I am not 100% responsible for growing all my own food and other days I do a total local food fail, but there are far more days where I feel like what I am doing is important for myself and my community so I too keep on keeping on.

  • Alyson says:

    I look out my windows and think What I wonderful place I am in Anf than reality- much of the world is horrified at what thier live bring and exist on. I enjoy feeding the berries to the birds Simple times

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