Eating Local Means You Have to Be An Adult…OK Not Really

May 19, 2010 Comments Off on Eating Local Means You Have to Be An Adult…OK Not Really

I finally managed to start buying all my produce from the farmer’s market. This is great. I get to support local farmers, I get  a reason to drag my disagreeing ass out of bed on a Saturday, and I get to feel so close to my community members as they try to mow me down with their strollers. All and all I love the market and the produce is always fresh, and despite people playing stroller derby, I have already had some really great conversations with some vendors.

The only problem is that I suffer from poor planning or impulsiveness ,I can’t really decide, but I am pretty sure they are pretty much the same thing. Any how, no fail I have been running out of cohesive meal food, you know what I mean like actual planned meals that you dream up in your head ahead of time or you have a recipe for as opposed to some weird  bastardized pasta dish (although the one we made last weeks was delicious-Hint add butter.) But I have started to come up with some methods to prevent you  and myself from reaching in the fridge and eating the first two things  next to each other. I have seen people do that and result was broccoli and Hershey’s syrup and it gave me the vomititis, so don’t do it

How to make your local food bounty last the week.

1. Plan Things

Get a journal or just get all those recipes that you have been tearing out of magazines all crazy like and sit down and figure out everything you need to cook a week’s worth of meals. Don’t forget even though weekends are foot loose and fancy free time, they often still require food  too work. I’ve already discussed why  I am not  good at this before, but lets refresh: I buy  pretty vegetables at the market and I procrastinate on planning meals.

2. Cryogenically Freeze Stuff

Ok maybe not cryogenically, just in a ziploc bag. Buy more produce than you can eat and freeze it, I’ve explained how to do kale and other leafy greens here, that way if you run out ideas you can always throw a quick vegetable on and make a simple meat side,Also don’t let leftovers sit in the fridge and rot, put them in the freezer too, so when you are whiney and depressed or just being lazy you just have to pull stuff out of freezer and place it in the microwave.

3. Poor People Eat Soup

Why do poor people eat soup? Well because it is cheap, easy, and last forever. Make soup, freeze, be lazy , be merry.


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