Cost Comparison: Strawberries

May 27, 2010 Comments Off on Cost Comparison: Strawberries

Strawberries are the first fruit to come in season and I have to admit that after months of only eating green things I was overjoyed to put something red into my mouth. I wish I could say that I harvested fresh and delicious strawberries from my own rooftop but between the birds and my newness to the crop it just didn’t ( or hasn’t yet) panned out  in fact this is pretty much as close to a growing a strawberry as I have gotten this season…

So I have been buying them from the farmers market, they aren’t always organic but they are very very fresh. So how much will some strawberries straight from the farm set you back?

1 quart basket from the farmers market: $4 to$6

Driscolls 16 oz  fresh strawberries: $3.99

Wyman’s fresh frozen  strawberries 15 oz: $3.99

Cascadian Farms organic frozen strawberries 10 oz: $ 5.69

Food for Thought:
Left amongst themselves after they return from the grocery store strawberries ripen really fast. I notice the ones I get from my local farmer are much  fresher and last just a little bit longer.

Strawberries are also amongst the most sprayed so if you buy organic you are saving yourself from possibly ingesting harmful chemicals.

As always buy strawberries when they are season for a better price!


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