Bonnaroo Pictures are up on J.E.S

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So I finally waded through the mess of photos of Bonnaroo and they are up on J.E.S  and include  the fabulous Flaming Lips performance. If you’re interested go here:


Cost Comparison: Cucumbers

June 24, 2010 § 2 Comments

I haven’t done a cost comparison in a while, because I have been busy gardening! ok and vacation too. Everyone loves a cucumber , right?  Well all the cool kids love cucumbers, and if you don’t love cucumber you’ve got to love pickles …right?  You really can’t be my friend if you don’t like pickles, so there! Anyway as with all cost comparison  post I want to know if it is actually cost effective for most people to eat local food. Just a reminder not all local food is certified organic or organic, but much of it is sustainable and it can’t hurt the local/regional economy.

Cucumbers at Harris Teeter(Chain Grocery Store): 89. cents a piece

Cucumbers at Local Grocer: $1.19 a piece

Cucumbers from the farmers market: 3 for a $1

Fun Facts:

Many of the cucumbers in the stores are the same type of cucumber, so if you get a chance to go to the farmers market experiment with buying all types of cucumbers, because they are lots! I started mine late so I had to take what I could get with my cucumbers I’m growing. Which brings me to my second fin fact.

Cucumbers are easy to grow and you can do it with a pot and a trellis, if you are really pressed for space you can grow a smaller heirloom variety.

Also, cucumber you buy from local farmers don’t have that uber gross wax coating(made from corn probably) because they aren’t shipped from really far away so they don’t need it.

So get you cucumber on, or cut some for your eyes when you get too worked this summer!

Eating Local is Making Me Fat

June 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

Ok not really… I am making me fat. I have been dieting since before I can remember ( a social commentary in itself) but when I started  eating local I had the grandiose  vision of both clearing my guilty conscience and eating a bevy of  fresh fruits and vegetables. No kidding , I even have a draft in my post folder about how eating local is super healthy and makes you skinny(which I still think is true if you aren’t me.)  However what has happened in actuality is my conscience is much better but I have increasingly become reliant on grains, since I only buy produce from the farmer’s market or local farmers. Now don’t get me wrong I will never again subscribe the carbs are bad thing, the problem is that vegetables are good and I should be eating more of them. The problem, I have found is that buying produce in season has made it really hard to  substitute what I would usually eat for snack vegetables, things like fruit(especially tropical,) cucumbers, and tomatoes. So instead of eating a fruit or vegetables I am now eating yogurt, granola and crackers for breakfast and snacks, as most the vegetables  I buy end up in my dinner instead of any other meal, and even then we have so many good options for local grains  here in Cville. Lunch has been a problem as well, because if I  don’t have left over dinner vegetables I will usually rely on eating a sandwich.   So that’s how I arrived at the I eat local but I don’t actually eat THAT many vegetables and am now stonewalling myself getting down to a healthy weight… But seriously beyond weight loss eating enough fruits and vegetables just helps your body feel nourished and full of vitamins. So  I am now in the process of  trying to incorporate more vegetables, especially tasty ones into my daytime life, you know the one where I sit at a desk all day. So far  I am crossing my fingers and hopping on one leg that the summer produce season will  make my life SO much easier as there will be a wider availability of, I  am also thinking about pickling but I have this nightmare in my head of mason jars exploding and me being cut to be bits, not rational I know but hey at least its still on my to do list. I am hoping that if I scrub the inter-webs I can find some good preservation techniques, salad dressing recipes, and probably make more naturally delicious meals that don’t rely on cheese for taste…..but that hard because we all know cheese is delicious. So how do you all keep veggies in your mouth  without  it getting old? I mean I need some help here  because bread and cheese is always going to  me put my happy tastey face on.


June 21, 2010 Comments Off on Mandevilla!!

I know that I recently wrote a post about how I wanted a  rose or clematis vine for the roof, but I changed I my mind when I saw this mandevilla in the garden center. She likes it hot so her name will be Marilyn and so far she has been habitating well on roof! Expect a know thy plant post in the future, so you too can grow a heat loving beauty vine.

Friday Garden Lust

June 18, 2010 Comments Off on Friday Garden Lust

OK  I have to admit I am pretty woefully unprepared for this Friday’s garden lust. This week has pretty much been sand running between my what with work make up, school make up , and having to deal with other general life things like gym and eating  or maybe eating and then gym.

BUT I am still dreaming of a few things , of  the approaching time when my tomatoes will look like this


Actually hoping mine look something like this


And in other news on the lust front,  as Virginia warms up the mosquitoes grow stronger in their revolution against man, especially those pesky day time ones, which makes me want to just take one of these nets  everywhere.

Happy Friday…

Bonnaroo Gardens….

June 16, 2010 Comments Off on Bonnaroo Gardens….

So on my arrival to Bonnaroo, I was excited to  find out that Bonnaroo Gardens!   They even had their own victory garden. They also teamed up with Gardeners Supply Company to put on workshops on gardening and to get people to support the community gardens act, which would use USDA funds to support community gardens. They even handed out postcards to people who could sign them and Ben and Jerry’s then offered to trade them for free bonnaroo flavored ice cream and send them to washington. I got to have some great conversations about gardening and about our society. Also keep an eye over on J.E.S for more non gardening related bonnaroo photos.

Lessons learned: Container Gardening and Travel

June 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

Here’s my super fantastic  tip for traveling when you have a container garden. Either pay someone to water your garden (so they are motivated to do it AND follow directions) or entrust to a fellow gardener ho know how frustrating it is to come back from vacation and have your plants looking like this:

OK so I know this one wasn’t in a pot BUT still. Not going to lie, I almost had a tantrum including stomping…3 year old style.

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