Prepping for Bonnaroo

June 8, 2010 Comments Off on Prepping for Bonnaroo

How do you prep for a huge music festival that you won tickets to last minute and eat sustainably? Well frankly you cheat a little, or I cheated rather. I bought a ton of out of season fruit in anticipation for not being able to cook. However I did do one semi good thing, I bought bulk organic grains and beans. Which comparatively were pretty cheap(around $35)for the products being organic and while the products themselves weren’t local I made sure to support a local business by buying from a smaller local health food store. As always its the lines we have to draw in the sand, mine were organic by a local vendor instead of non local and non organic, non local and organic. Now bear with me as I try to figure how to take interesting pictures with a point and shoot camera.


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