Tres Chic

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Everything on my roof top garden is dying,  surprisingly not because I  can’t keep it watered, but because even if I water them the sun just bakes them to death. My cucumbers are not loving it, so what your looking at here is some creative shade. Hey no one ever said you needed to be classy to garden.


Wordless WEdnesday:Peppers and Portulaca

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I’m a bad blogger.

July 24, 2010 § 1 Comment

Hello Blog,

I miss you, I promise I haven’t been cheating on you, just working, ok so maybe that’s cheating.


Mad Dash Preservation

July 13, 2010 § 1 Comment

So it’s the night before I leave on a short vacation and what am I doing? Not packing that’s what. I am running around the kitchen trying to preserve all our left over produce. See the problem with  eating fresh and eating local is that you have an abundance of fresh food in your fridge when you go on vacation. Not really the worst problem to have except when it could all rot, and who really wants to loose good produce at peak season(it was a cold kaley spring.) So hence why I am running around my kitchen trying to make sure nothing rots while I am away. I haven’t learned to can or pickle yet, although  I have promised myself over and over again that it’s going to happen soon so I can preserve all my summer bounty. SO in a pinch, the freezer is my best friend, it’s practically the gateway drug to canning and  it’s super convenient and easy. If you have a huge freezer it’s not a bad way to go, I don’t but I would rather save my produce and I prefer to preserve my fruit by freezing. If this wasn’t last weeks produce it would probably be ok in the “green bags” I have been using which suck the plant ripening hormones out and slow your fruit from ripening,  like birth control for your  food creepy right?

This all took me about 30 or 40 minutes, not bad for no rotten food.

My peaches I washed, pitted , cut them up, threw them in a bag and put them in the freezer AND done. These are great for  smoothies and I’m pretty sure you could still thaw them out and can them, but they may loose flavor that way. Tip Make sure to suck out the air and double bag things to prevent freezer burn.

I had one gorgeous bunch of kale, that I preserved by blanching and freezing. I have a more extensive post of that here.

I finally got some beautiful tomatoes from the market, and what happens, I don’t get to eat them 😦 Any way I  decided to blanch those too. It’s pretty simple you follow the same basic process as kale. Wash the tomato, put it in boiling water for a minute or too (watch so you can take them out when the skins crack) Then immediately put it in ice water, take it out peel the skin off , cut and throw in a bag. These won’t be good for salads, but are great for stews or sauces.

Friday Surprises

July 9, 2010 § 2 Comments

Maybe my boyfriend is psychic maybe we have just been dating too long because when I got home today(the day my garden lust post) was about treehouses this awaited me….


Garden Lust Fridays: Treehouses!

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Ok so I once again promise to start posting more often. I am starting to feel a little better as long as I keep the decongestants coursing through my veins.

I’d like to take this time to point out how fucking awesome tree houses are  the interwebs seems to have blown up with them this week.

First Re-Nest had this awesome article on tree houses. It’s pretty easy to see why one would want such a thing.

Check out their post for more awesome pictures.

Then just on case you don’t have the funds to actually build your own tree house, apartment Therapy, wrote an article about Tree house hotels

But my favorite one is this Hotel in Costa Rica

What Gardener wouldn’t want a house among the trees?

Garden Lust Fridays

July 2, 2010 § 1 Comment

The more we move into full garden weather, the more I simply lust after healthy plants.

See right now my eggplants look something like this:

Instead of this:


So more than anything I want my eggplants to recover once I dust the hell out of the little beetles eating them…..which I haven’t done because I have some sort of I feel crappy illness that hasn’t come to complete fruition.

Also since I have successfully killed my lavender plant for the second time, i am lusting after a new one. How did I mange to  kill a pretty hardy plant? Twice? I have no idea….


Also I have noticed now that the heat has picked up I have realized that I really don’t get to enjoy my rooftop garden because is so damn hot all the time. SO now I am lusting after some sort of  shade contraption so I can enjoy my garden that I have worked so hard for.

If I could commit ( or I owned my own building ) something semi permanent like this might work.

These shade covers are just plane cool, who wouldn’t lust after  you under the design superior shade thing….especially since it cost $1100


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