Garden Lust Fridays

July 2, 2010 § 1 Comment

The more we move into full garden weather, the more I simply lust after healthy plants.

See right now my eggplants look something like this:

Instead of this:


So more than anything I want my eggplants to recover once I dust the hell out of the little beetles eating them…..which I haven’t done because I have some sort of I feel crappy illness that hasn’t come to complete fruition.

Also since I have successfully killed my lavender plant for the second time, i am lusting after a new one. How did I mange to  kill a pretty hardy plant? Twice? I have no idea….


Also I have noticed now that the heat has picked up I have realized that I really don’t get to enjoy my rooftop garden because is so damn hot all the time. SO now I am lusting after some sort of  shade contraption so I can enjoy my garden that I have worked so hard for.

If I could commit ( or I owned my own building ) something semi permanent like this might work.

These shade covers are just plane cool, who wouldn’t lust after  you under the design superior shade thing….especially since it cost $1100



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  • Alyson says:

    Hey giddo lavender likes it hot and dry. I likes the orange cover, looks like you could go to Kanas on a good windy day

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