A novice’s cures for common garden maladies

October 6, 2010 Comments Off on A novice’s cures for common garden maladies

So this summer there was  a war brewin’ in my garden, and during the summer I gained some useful combat skills against  garden bugs and diseases. I am caught between not wanting to use harmful  pesticides on my garden , and watching my garden get squashed.  Plants dying is part of gardening and usually I can pick myself up after killing a plant, because I learn something, like don’t over water the lavender (only took me killing it twice.) But   I still want to give my garden the best chance, so I discovered a few less harmful things to kill critters.

Flea beatles, which tried to kill my eggplant, when my leaves started turn to lace I put some Diatomaceous Earth in the soil and VOILA! My Eggplant to grow up to be a big boy(or girl)

I also had a problem with powdery  mildew on my squash, it started out small but then just started taking over. I made the mixture below to kill it(which I found by googling powdery mildew and then putting everything together.) It’s really technical so don’t get confused.

A little milk.( a natural anti fungal, seriously read about  it

A  tiny bit of Baking Soda

A little garlic- high in sulfur.

I a little bit of soap.

A little bit of water.

Put in a bottle and spray that sucker for a day until it goes away or at least until your plant looks like it’s immune system is handling itself.

The last but not least the aphids, man I hate aphids, they are sneaky. You have a beautiful plant and the BAM they are covered with aphids, which like fleas, creep me out a little bit. But I used some Mrs. Meyers all purpose cleaner , sprayed it on and then they all died. I’ve never been so happy to see so many dead things, it’s like I need black make up now, or maybe black hair, I can’t decide. Anyway the soap destroys the waxy coat on the aphid and they dehydrate, it’s cruel I know, but sometimes it is a cruel world.

Pre Spray

The massacre

I still don’t have a  cure for stink bugs though, pesky asian fellows.


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