White Christmas

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A little bit of a white christmas going on.




Winter keeps on rollin’

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It’s been kind of quiet on the garden front, and I can’t bear to post pictures of my poor little rooftop garden with snow all over it. That seems to be the downfall of a container garden, you have nothing to look at in the winter, but hopeful the dismal shape of my garden will get me to start planning my garden a little earlier this year, and maybe even buy some furniture, probably from Ikea, because I drink  their Kool-Aid.

Meanwhile I’m waiting for the holiday to come and enjoying my time mini farm sitting. The dogs love it too because they visit and run their little buts off, and surprisingly they don’t even try to chase the animals. Although this might be because they think horses are the spawn on satan. Here are some pictures from our walk the other day, I usually post things over on my other other poorly updated photo blog J.E.S

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Cost Comparison:Eggs

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Even though I have been on a no sugar kick (painful but necessary) the holidays are here and the thing I love the most about the holidays is baking cookies, just in case you are interested, delicious and easy chocolatey cookie recipe here from Food Network. You obviously can’t make good cookies without eggs, or sugar, or chocolate in my opinion…but we will let eggs have the spot light, and just what is the price different between some farm fresh eggs and ones out of the grocery store?


Farm fresh eggs, one dozen $3.00 to $3.50

Regular eggs from large Argro Farms, one dozen: $2 to $2.50

So clearly the regular eggs win  in price, but in my opinion the farm fresh eggs taste better. This may be in my  head, but there is no denying that eggs that were laid this week and delivered to you are much fresher than ones, that are shipped from who knows where.

Plus eggs from industrial farms have a long history of health and animal right violations. Just some food for thought.

On the plus side just like consumer pressure had driven many large grocery chains(including Wal-Mart) to ban  the use of bovine growth hormanes in the milk of their suppliers( note: they don’t vouch for conditions of the animals)  there has been some response from grocery chains to buy more free range eggs(note that free range doesn’t always mean happy chickens.) So remember that you do make choices when you spend money in certain places, and that consumer demand is a key in either keeping industrial food systems in place, or creating better healthier food systems.


Because Everyone Needs a Goat

December 3, 2010 Comments Off on Because Everyone Needs a Goat

People are so thankful at Thanksgiving. People fill the interwebs with tweets and updates about how thankful they are for their family and friends, but for some reason the thanks fades pretty quickly and people never fail to realize that something they should be thankful for is in front of them every day.

It is clearly no secret that I am not a fan of the industrial agriculture that controls our food system, and for the most part I choose not to support it. Opting instead for helping establish a healthy community by  buying products from local suppliers. So  one of the things I am grateful for is that I can CHOOSE not participate and still have access to food. I am not going to starve because farmers are working hard and supporting me and then I, in turn support them, together we create a more financially and environmentally sustainable community. So it shouldn’t surprise you that creating a strong agricultural system can up lift a community in any part of the world. That’s part of what makes Heifer International so great is that they provide areas stricken by poverty with animals or plants, the animals and plant  in turn provide them with food and often capital that they can use to trade or sell within their community. I particularly love this organization because in  essence it is saying that people are not helpless, that given the right tools. People and communities can work to reduce hunger and poverty in their own  community,helping themselves. It is also pretty admirable that they have programs in U.S  in addition to communities around the world. The U.S is a powerful country,  but we forget that our rapidly changing economic climate has created major holes(some of which were never really filled in the first place.  Lastly what is really awesome is that you can give these animal donations as gifts for other people, so you can give a flock of chickens in the name of you aunt who already has everything and really doesn’t need another trinket, or even relatives that  you don’t know that well instead of buying then a non committal “hey I don’t know you well gift”  I’m looking at you candle  or coffee mug. So join me in giving to others this holiday season and don’t think you’re alone, even in the toughest economic climate this country has ever seen individuals gave over 210 BILLION dollars in 2009.

Goat by Hana Muchová

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