Winter keeps on rollin’

December 20, 2010 Comments Off on Winter keeps on rollin’

It’s been kind of quiet on the garden front, and I can’t bear to post pictures of my poor little rooftop garden with snow all over it. That seems to be the downfall of a container garden, you have nothing to look at in the winter, but hopeful the dismal shape of my garden will get me to start planning my garden a little earlier this year, and maybe even buy some furniture, probably from Ikea, because I drink  their Kool-Aid.

Meanwhile I’m waiting for the holiday to come and enjoying my time mini farm sitting. The dogs love it too because they visit and run their little buts off, and surprisingly they don’t even try to chase the animals. Although this might be because they think horses are the spawn on satan. Here are some pictures from our walk the other day, I usually post things over on my other other poorly updated photo blog J.E.S

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