A New Year’s resolution

January 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

In March  it will be one year since I started eating local. I have been pretty proud of what I have have accomplished, I have only bought local  and sustainable meat  in my home for the last year. Where I have come up short is when I eat out or eat over at family and friends or when I eat out at a restaurant.   When at a restaurant my  rationale is that I want to get my moneys worth so I order meat. When over a family or friend’s house I don’t want  to be offensive or act high and might so I  eat whatever they serve.  Now I am at a fork in the road. I can continue to use this rationale , which is basically an excuse and keep eating meat other places that I feel bad about eating or I come up with a better explanation for what I believe and and start to eat only ethical and/or sustainable meat. So for my New Years resolution  when I eat at someone’s house or  out at a restaurant, if I don’t know where the meat is from  I will be going vegetarian or bringing my own meat. It’s important to know that the animals that are feeding me are abused and living a horrible life, it’s important to me that I support local farmers, and it’s important to me to be committed. I know I won’t be able to eat only local vegetables, but as a counter I hope to eat at more local restaurants, so at least the money I spend stays in the community.

I also want to start my garden planning and actual planting earlier!

Happy New Year Everyone(if not a little late)


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  • That’s a great resolution. Mine is similar. 😉 It’s funny how we come up with “excuses” to continue old habits, simply because it would be inconvenient to change (even though we know it would be the right thing to do). Good luck!

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