Garden Lust Friday! Strawberry Pots

April 1, 2011 Comments Off on Garden Lust Friday! Strawberry Pots

So Garden Lust Friday is back…kind of. I really can’t make any promises because life + plus more life= laziness in time off. Anyway I actually got a strawberry pot for my birthday this past month, but I think they are still lust worthy because: they look cool, they have beaucoup functionality, and they look cool. Instead of strawberries, I am putting succulents in mine this summer because they too are something I am obsessed with. Although I am tempted to do herbs because you get a lot of bang for your buck space wise.

I grew up with the standard terracotta  strawberry pot. The good thing about these is they don’t go out of style. These are s from Arizona Pottery. I also fancy the ones with cups instead of  just plan openings.

Terracotta 9 hole strawberry jar

From there, the strawberry pot can get pretty fancy. I am pretty fond of glazed pottery(this is the kind I got for my birthday), because who doesn’t love some shiny stuff.Glazed Strawberry Pot - Click Image to Close

Washington Pottery

And if you want to splurge a little , you can get something as cool as this nature plants from Design Night. But it is going to set you back $375

Nature planter

Also so you know what a  strawberry CAN be here are some ideas from the interweb.

The always talented Gayla Trail, has the example below and loads more of ideas and how to’s, so I suggest you visit her post and site (chocked full of wonderful photos) here.

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

This pot comes from White Flower Farm, and comes fully planted with strawberries, plus they have a little video on how to plant a strawberry pot.

Strawberry Jar And Mara des Bois Strawberries

Happy Lusting!


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