Cost Comparison: Beef Broth

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Ok so maybe I said that I was going to post this 2 months ago, but here it is. Is it actually worth it to make your own broth?

Better than Bouillon Beef Base Organic: $7.95

Better than Bouillon Beef Base: $5.95 (8oz makes something like 40 servings)

Pacific Foods Organic Beef Broth: $3.49

Whole Food 365 organic Beef Broth  32 oz: $3.49

Swanson Fat free Beef Broth 14oz: $1.19

Campbell Beef Broth 10.5 oz : $1.49

Making your own:

All and all I made between 10-12 quarts of  beef broth for about $15, almost all organic ingredients, with meat and bones from local Wolf Creek Farm. However lets say 10 quarts for the sake of simplicity,  that equals about 320 ounces. So on average it cost about .05 cents per ounce times that by 32 that equals a $1.60!

Beyond price there are a couple other things that make cooking your own broth worth it.

-It takes better(with the exception of better than bouillon because that stuff is awesome.)

-It is more nutritious, you get to keep the broth more gelatinous, which while sounding disgusting can actually be good for you.

-You control how much salt you put in it. This is a huge downfall of most broths and spices. They have a huge amount of salt in them, and that isn’t always the healthiest option. By making you own you can salt things to taste or to your health.

-You save on packaging, as you can put the broth in reusable containers and freeze it, instead buying something that you have to through away.

The Downfall?

– It is labor intensive and I noticed it made my whole house smell for days.

-It does take some storage space, probably in your freezer, unless you can think of some other stellar ways to preserve, like canning.

However I find this a small price to pay for a healthier, and cheaper option. I must say that  I won’t be making broth super frequently, just for the time, but because it last forever this shouldn’t be a problem. If you run of broth and don’t have time to make your own I really suggest the better than bouillon stuff, as it is quick easy, stores well, comes in organic variety, and  taste good.

What do you do for Beef broth?


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