Simple Q & A Does Organic Mean Not Genetically Modified?

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Yes, products marked as USDA organic are prohibited from having genetically modified product or seeds  in it. However you should be aware that there is a difference between organic and made with organic products.

However even organic food has it’s cost when mass produced, and many small ecologically sustainable agricultural farmers purposely don’t seek out USDA organic standards, because it has restriction than can get in the way of keeping a healthy herd. Farmers that are not beholden to the standard are free to treat their sick animals with antibiotics. Usually these animals are held from milk production or slaughter for at minimum 7 days, and often the antibiotics in meat animals has left its system. However the best way to find this information, is to ask!  It is also very costly to get USDA certification and the extra $1000-$4000 is a lot for a small farmer.

So what’s the lesson of this simple answer? Food is not so simple, and when it comes down to it the best thing to do is do your research! It does take more time to know your food (or better yet you’re farmer) but ultimately can be worth it to ease your mind.  Also let’s add a tally in the local food is better column, because it is much easier to know your area farm or farmer than it is to rely on government labels and mass producers.

Organic Foods Act of 1990

What is organic production?


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