Dogwood might not be the belle of the ball but…

April 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

Every spring the cherry blossom  and dogwood  try to duke it out in a mother nature beauty pageant. The DC Cherry Blossom festival seems to take all the glory, while  the dogwood get its own local festival which people largely attend so they can get funnel cake without having to drive into the county.

Like a lot of things in my garden sensibilities I have  in large part ignored the dogwood. But for some reason I have had a change of heart, just like the begonias and hydrangeas. Maybe it is because I don’t have to be jammed into a metro car and fend off a panic attack to see the dogwoods in en masse  or maybe it is that I finally realized they  can be pruned to almost have architectural framing or that the flowers are so simple that  you can take the whole thing in.

However quite a few artist have beat me  to this point.

Steven Meyers beautiful radiographs.

BLOOMS Dogwood Blossom Sugar cookies -1 dozen

Dogwood blossom cookies from JustCrumbs on Etsy.

Dogwood Gold Flower and Pearl Earrings

Dogwood Earrings by DesignsbyJocelyn on Etsy

Flowering DOGWOOD Branch - Large, REUSABLE Wall Stencil - DIY Home Decor

Dogwood Stencil by OliveLeafStencils

Pink Dogwood Flowers . Fine Art Photograph . Floral Art . 8x10 Print

Print from PrettyPetalsstudies.


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  • Aly says:

    I was considering doing a piece on the last of the fallen winter, Where the oakleaves fall when only the new buds appear. I have saved the dogwoods in our front woods and they are flourishing, finally flowered this spring.

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