Let’s Talk about Mint Jelly

February 24, 2012 Comments Off on Let’s Talk about Mint Jelly

A brief  of tour my brain.

I was thinking about spring, which made me think about planting my front yard, which made me think about deer deterrence, which made me think about mint, which reminded me I wanted to post about  mint jelly.

I cannot think of anything more disgusting, maybe green jello, which might as well be the same thing. I will give a pass to naturally made mint jelly  and its fancy cousin (I’m looking at you mint chutney.) But the processed in a jar food coloring dye based food is just inedible.I reserve eating things that color  for once a year on St. Patrick’s Day, and even then they tend to be booze or cake related.

This made me ask where did it start? A quick search of the internet let me down, but I need to know this people! Think about the boring conversations I could get out of  while simultaneously showing people up.

My Theory

Meat in short demand was often a little rancid, mint being a strong flavor hides this.

But seriously does anyone know where mint jelly originated?


Friday Garden Lust: English Country Garden

February 17, 2012 Comments Off on Friday Garden Lust: English Country Garden

My house has no curb appeal once so ever. I’m serious.


However the total lack of gardens was actually  a positive when buying the house. The neighborhood is plagued with drab under cared for shrubs. So not having a profanity laced conversation with an ugly shrub in front of my octogenarian neighbors to look forward to is really and truly GREAT!

On the flip side, a blank canvas, means you can get carried away with options, and let me tell you if anyone is prone to decision paralysis it’s me. I’m trying to limit myself to the front yard this spring, I wish it was for some altruistic reason, but really it’s so I can show up my neighbors.  I am constrained by lighting and soil(as are all gardeners)  and what the deer won’t eat, at least for the front yard. While I live in  the city we have what can be described as a herd of deer wandering the neighborhood including one three lagged deer I have name Tres.

Right now I’m thinking English country garden/more is more. I love lush and “messy” gardens over highly manicured, let plants be plants!

An English country garden by Sally Dunn

Source: Sally Dunn 

Source: Anne Hathaway s Garden, Gloriana, Photobucket

Come on spring!

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