Deer Resistant Plants in Virginia

March 7, 2012 Comments Off on Deer Resistant Plants in Virginia

If you read my post on my affinity for english country  gardens(let’s be honest it’s likely you didn’t) you may remember that a huge parameter for my future garden  is that anything planted be deer resistant. oh jessica, the deer won’t come near you house because of the dogs. Let me tell you these are no wild deer, they have evolved  past such trivial things as prey and predator. The damn things nearly stand on my front porch while the eat my rhododendron, which consequentially is the only  thing in my yard to eat other than grass.

So the need for deer resistant plants abounds. So far most of my rooftop plants made the list already:



Lena’s Scotch broom

Sedum Reflexum

Sedum Autumn Joy

Silver mound(Wormwood)

Oriental Poppy

Red Hot Pokers.

I also found some pretty decent sources on deer resistant plants, my only words of wisdom are that if you  have pets be weary because things that are poisonous to deer are many times also poisonous to household pets and if you have a curious eating satan dog like myself it could be a problem, unless you are ACTUALLY trying to kill your animal. I am definitely still at the plant resistant plants, build scent barrier stage and hopefully it stays that way. I knew of an older women who was granted a permit to fire weapons in a neighborhood(albeit more rural) to shoot deer eating her plants, how scary is that?

List of Deer Resistant plant from the State Arboretum(PDF)

Also many native plants to Virginia are deer resistant

Virginia Cooperative Extension Website


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