Cool Places: Seattle Space Needle

March 25, 2012 § 5 Comments

I think the nature of  my blog in changing, I’m still thinking about it. Like this post I sometimes post of both blogs, which I’m not sure makes complete sense, and for wordpress folks it double posts on the tags and categories(Sorry!) So I am thinking about posting what little non garden photo things I do here as well, I haven’t decided  if I like the overlap yet or I should keep this blog more garden food, design oriented. I went to Seattle a few weeks ago, and I’m in love. Seattle itself may be a little too big for my taste, but the area is just too awesome to not be in love. On this trip  I gave myself the approval to be a tourist, which of course led me to the Space Needle. Wile you have to pay a pricey entrance fee($20) I elected for the city pass which gave me the opportunity to do a lot of touristy things at a lower price.  I’m not sure why the space needle is cool, maybe it’s the elevator or maybe it is just that so many other buildings in Seattle’s downtown area are much shorter, maybe it’s just that I was happy to be somewhere new and different.


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  • Cabbie Notes says:

    Nice black and white snaps of Seattle. I visited there not long ago myself and very much enjoyed it. I hope you had the opportunity to visit Pike’s Place Market while you were there as it was one of my favorites from that trip. If you hadn’t or wanted to refresh your memory, I had a post about it for you to check out. Thanks for sharing your photos. Nice work. Cheers.

    • I did make it to Pike’s Place and in true tourist fashion visited the original Starbuck’s (which was rather uninspiring.) I got a few shots, that I may put in a Misc post, but on whole it was rather busy and I was looking for lunch! I picked up on a lot of the same things you did, like the cheap fresh flowers and the expansive fish counters!

      • Cabbie Notes says:

        Agreed about the Starbucks. Considering it was the original shop and its worldly reputation, I, too, was uninspired about the store itself. In any case, I loved visiting Seattle and it’s good to meet another traveler who also enjoyed it.

  • Seattle, and the Space Needle rock, lovely photos.

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