Historic Botanical Lithographs

April 5, 2012 Comments Off on Historic Botanical Lithographs

For a long time I was turned off of botanical lithographs.  I was seeing them sold  everywhere, and the mass production really wasn’t all that inspiring. I didn’t want to hang something in my house that was also being hung in a grocery store bathroom.However, on my recent trip to Seattle, as we waded through some antique shops  I found 3 delicately drawn lithographs from the 1800’s, and all of the sudden I was in love. They were so simple, and the colors so muted. Even though these too were massed produced through botanical books, mass produced 200 years ago had quite a different meaning.   I had a  conversation with myself about how there are better things to spend $200 on(is there really?) and walked away empty handed.  I have regretted not buying them and have since  been lusting after pictures on the internet  constantly stalking ebay for the perfect print.



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