Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

April 20, 2012 Comments Off on Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

As you get ready to head out into the garden, I hope you  don’t forget to wear your hat and put on some sunscreen. However that last part is a little trickier than it used to be, like so many other things in our increasingly growing world there are so many choices. The most important thing is to have a sunscreen that protects and UV-a and UV-b rays. I myself use mineral sunscreens, which work by reflecting the sun. I believe them to be safer and I have a terrible habit of rubbing my eyes, which if I do while wearing a chemical sunscreen gives me a not so pleasant burning sensation. However they do have their down falls, as there are few aerosol versions, and some can be very messy if you are doing a sweaty activity.

I wear sunscreen on my face everyday and the only kind I have found that  does not make my pores clog or my face sweat, and will also stay on if you sweat is Origins Out Smart. Which I have found in the course of  writing this blog post has been discontinued, so if anyone has a favorite mineral facial sunscreen let me know!

For everyday use on your body I would recommend Alba very emollient sunscreen. I prefer unscented I don’t want to smell like sunscreen or vanilla or any other horrible sunscreen scents. I’ve also found that the kid’s version rubbed in easier, but this could have just been my perception.

Kids  Mineral  Broad Spectrum SPF 30


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