Spiked Votives

September 14, 2012 Comments Off on Spiked Votives

Have you seen these spike votives from Terrain? These totally appeal to my “I’m a woodland princess” fantasy(a hold over from childhood).  This is no doubt where my affinity for treehouses comes from as well.


Scandinavian Spiked Votive, Horizontal


Sources of Non- Dairy Calcium

September 7, 2012 Comments Off on Sources of Non- Dairy Calcium

So I recently went in for my yearly check up(all good!) and told my doctor that I had stopped drinking milk. He immediately  responded with concern that I might not be receiving enough calcium. I wanted to immediately respond that calcium is naturally occurring in a wide variety of food , but alas I am no health or nutritionist. But thought I would share a few of my favorite calcium rich foods.


One you might not immediately think of is strawberries, which have about 166 grams of calicum per cup.


Also, leafy greens, like cooked kale which has about 179 grams of calcium per cup. But  cooked collards pack a whopping 350 grams per cup and turnip greens which have about 250 grams.

Also if you wondering how much Calcium one might need the NIH has this handy table.

Also remember that calcium is better absorbed by vitamin D, so get just a bit of sun.

Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) for Calcium [1]
Age Male Female Pregnant Lactating
0–6 months* 200 mg 200 mg
7–12 months* 260 mg 260 mg
1–3 years 700 mg 700 mg
4–8 years 1,000 mg 1,000 mg
9–13 years 1,300 mg 1,300 mg
14–18 years 1,300 mg 1,300 mg 1,300 mg 1,300 mg
19–50 years 1,000 mg 1,000 mg 1,000 mg 1,000 mg
51–70 years 1,000 mg 1,200 mg
71+ years 1,200 mg 1,200 mg

* Adequate Intake (AI)

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