Blooming Now: Scotch Broom

May 22, 2013 § 4 Comments

This is the first year I am getting truly nice blooms on my ‘Lena’ scotch broom.  Last year after I transplanted it out of the pot it was in it didn’t bloom, but it has come back in full force this year. It has been a solid deer resistant plant, and was left unscathed through the winter and early spring. However with expansive growth it is starting to get leggy,as you’ll see in the last two photos, and it is easy to see how this species is invasive out west.  I have had to tie mine up in order to keep it upright, which it still struggles to do under the weight of the blooms. This especially helped in early spring when some freak spring snow storms knocked the poor plant completely over, pinning its branches under the snow.

I’ve decided to prune it back after it finishes blooming to control the plant and add back in some structure. I’ve done some non strategic pruning on this plant before, either to get out dead or simply control the spread, and it hasn’t seemed to have had an effect on the plant. I have seen people cut them down to the ground and they still flush out, however I don’t know how this affects blooming. I have read some advice on pruning from the outside in, pruning back the woodier older branches, which is supposed to reduce some of the innate legginess of this plant.  I guess we’ll see how it goes, but I’m pretty confident in this plants hardiness so my advice is prune away my friend.

Lena Scotch Broom Bloom





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§ 4 Responses to Blooming Now: Scotch Broom

  • Pat says:

    This is beautiful. Do you know the hardiness range?

    • Hi Pat, The hardiness is zones 6-8/9. Although as I mentioned depending on where you live, you do have to be concerned with invasiveness. In the west and pacific northwest it is known to displace native plants since it easily propagates via seed.

      • Pat says:

        We live in Michigan but I am also only trying to have well-behaved plants in my garden to cut down on work. I have had invasive flowers that I finally had to dig up everything to get the roots out. Not fun! I wonder if it propagates successfully by seeds in harsher climates.

      • I know, I hate invasive species, and I feel so guilty when I buy them! I just recently tore a bunch of creeping jenny out of my beds to prevent a takeover. The areas I have heard of having an issue are specifically Washington, Oregon, and California. I live in Virginia and haven’t seen or experienced it as invasive in my own garden. However I have increasingly seen them by the side of the road, which makes me think our mild winters are making it easier to propagate. My inclination is that this wouldn’t be a problem in colder climates.

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