Look Up: NASA Hubble Telescope Pictures

May 27, 2013 Comments Off on Look Up: NASA Hubble Telescope Pictures

Since I was child, thinking I would be an astronaut biologist (right behind author and pony wrangler), I have been in love with the stars. Their vastness holds infinite possibility for as long as it goes fully undiscovered, which fortunately(or maybe unfortunately) for us seems quite a while.  Perhaps it is the reality that is quite heady- WE are the stars. In fact this video even makes me tear up a bit. This is why I am so drawn to the pictures from the NASA Hubble telescope and wanted to share some of my favorites,the beginnings and ends of stars. Something I am sure the early philosophers couldn’t even imagine. An added bonus is that NASA supplies photos with high enough resolutions to be put on a variety of screen sizes.



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