Controlling Flea Beetles

June 15, 2013 § 2 Comments

Without fail, my eggplants always get flea beetles. While these pests pose the most risk to young plants if left unchecked they can wreak havoc of adult plants as well. You can see my plants are getting pretty lacy, and no leaves means no photosynthesis, which makes for a unproductive plant.

So how do you kill and keep flea beetles in control?

  • Polycultural planting, planting different varieties of vegetables together keeps beetles confined to a few plants opposed to many, since the beetles are not attracted to all plants. Mine are currently  surrounded by zucchini and cucumbers which have been unharmed.
  • Dust with diatomaceous earth , both on the plant’s leaves and the ground.  Diatomaceous earth works by basically creating a bed a razors, which harms the bugs, pretty gruesome if you think about it! The downfall is that you have to redust after it rains, so in places that receive more rain this can be quite a burden.

Flea Beatle  on Eggplant



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