Tips for Keeping the Deer Away

July 24, 2013 § 2 Comments

Earlier this week I lamented  over  the gourmand deer who think lilies are planted just for their enjoyment. So I thought I would share some tips for deer abatement.

Deer Hoof Print

The two best ways to keep deer away are:

  • A tall fence– White Tail Deer can jump up to eight feet high, and you want the tall of enough so the deer don’t attempt to jump the fence and get caught in it. However, that said, I  have found the a six foot stops them pretty well, and deer can’t jump both tall and wide so slanting a fence outward can also help deter deer.
  • Plant things that the deer don’t want to eat– The most difficult time I had this year deterring the deer was when a mulberry tree was fruiting and drawing them to the yard, once the tree stopped fruiting the deer presence significantly lowered. In this vein, human hair can work similarly.

deer foot print

Other ways to deter deer:

  • Dog’s (Pee)- Canines are natural predators, and the scent of dogs and their urine will act as a deterrent. However it washes away with the rain, and if you keep your dogs in a fenced area, the deer will know. I let mine out to run around outside of the fence to do their business.
  • Purified Smells– The smell of rot,  rotten eggs in particular, can deter as well.
  • Mint- I have used a diluted castille soap to some success and have heard of others using barred Irish spring around their beds.

The caveat to these, save for the tall fence, is that if the deer are truly hungry, they are going to eat. A little depressing I know, but many plant will flush back out.


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