Decorate: Aubusson Inspired Floral Rugs

July 25, 2013 Comments Off on Decorate: Aubusson Inspired Floral Rugs

I’m not sure when I really started to care deeply about the aesthetic in my home.  I’ve been, for the most part, restrained by cost, piecing together things that are on sale and kind of work. I’ve tried to curate a look centered around pieces that have character or a story  and  staple pieces I can afford. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it just bugs me until I can get it right.  Even with resources, I’m sure it would still take me years to find fulfillment in my home decor.

That said, I have been eyeing some type of floral rug to add to my home for some time. I wasn’t initially a fan of floral rugs, they can be busy , hard to match, and just look downright tacky. What really turned it around for me was the “Aubusson” style of rugs , which have originated from  Aubusson, France since the 15th century. They commonly have a floral pattern, are flat woven and are quite grand in both size and pattern- a reflection of historically being commission by aristocracy. They have a wonderful french aesthetic, with floral patterns that fill but don’t overwhelm the space and a color pallet that always seems to get it right.

Antique Aubusson Floral Rugs

These antique rugs are quite pleasant, but they will most likely set you back a pretty penny .

If you can’t shell out the beaucoup bucks that it will take to buy an original rug, you may want to consider these more affordable options.  I know I am, Especially with dogs being so tough on carpets!


Cool Plant: Caracalla Bean

July 24, 2013 § 3 Comments

The Caracalla Bean, also known as snail flower, is one of the most interesting beans I think I have ever encountered. It has ordinary foliage but a beautiful snail like flower, that is quite fragrant, and is a surprising late bloomer. I discovered it last year while visiting Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. While I had fully intended to plant it in my own garden this year, I never quite got around to it, but these photos are certainly making me regret that!




Decorate: Lavender Wallpaper

July 18, 2013 Comments Off on Decorate: Lavender Wallpaper

Is this week leaving you with an overwhelming desire to put lavender everywhere in your home? Well you’re in luck, because you can do so with these lavender themed wallpapers. I fully intended to start this post by saying ”  the commitment phobe that I am, I could never play with wallpaper”, but  looking through all the beautiful wallpaper out there has me thinking maybe I could just do a bathroom, or half a bathroom, or at minimum frame a large piece of wallpaper for the bathroom…







Timothy Sue (Removable Wallpaper!)

Lavender in Art

July 14, 2013 § 1 Comment

This week will be the  ode to lavender…

I know I throw around the word obsessed a lot when talking about plants, but when it comes to lavender this  is not an overstatement.  I have three types of lavender, just in my front yard. Heck,  I would go all out lavender field in my back yard if I had the resources. I use home made lavender room spray and lavender body lotions, it quite honestly, is the only scent I don’t tire of eventually.

So, we begin this week by looking at lavender broadly, as a color in art.



Hay Field

June 19, 2013 Comments Off on Hay Field

Maybe it is from my early experience on farms or the wash of peacefulness that comes with natural expanse, but goodness am I in love in with fields and meadows.

hay field






Garden Lust: Patrick Dougherty ‘Stick” Sculptures

June 7, 2013 § 2 Comments

I am in love with Patrick Dougherty’s ‘Stick’ Sculptures. So today I am dreaming of one day having the money to commission personalized pieces of art and sculpture for my own garden.

You can view more of his work here,buy his book here, and the Brooklyn Botanical has a good series of photos that highlights how these sculptures are made, the process is quite intriguing.

Pop Art Inspired Poppies

June 1, 2013 § 1 Comment

I’m in the midst of preparing a post on the Oriental Poppy I got some playful inspiration from the pop art genre. So naturally, I created a few  interpretations! Don’t go thinking I am quite delusional yet, I wouldn’t consider these works of art, but the garden and nature are such a great place to learn and understand abstraction as well as the underlying structure of the world.  And where better to explore color than in one of the most colorful places.


Pop Art Poppies


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