Say Hello!

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Email:  eatsleepgarden at gmail dot com


§ 4 Responses to Say Hello!

  • Alyson says:

    Great pics/ Bigger is always better especially with pots- ugh! Until you have to winter them over- Roof top gardening looks to be a challenge you are in control with.

  • Liza Paizis says:

    Hi! I love your botanical prints and the gorgeous tulip photos, very inspiring for me as an artist currently about to work on a Secret garden painting….thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Andrew says:

    Hi. I too love the font Shenandoah uses on their signs. Happen to know the name of it?

    • Jessica says:

      I haven’t quite figured it. My best guess is a rounded “Peignot” or “Exotic 350”. However I believe,and am sure in the case of Peignot(created 1937), that those fonts are younger than the park. But, since I’m unsure when the sign was placed, there’s still a chance it could be a variation of that. You’ll see though, the space in the “P” and “R” in the NPS sign font is much more slanted than found in either “peignot” or “Exotic 350”. So I’m guessing that wasn’t much help!

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